Advice and support from the Baby Grows team. All you need to know about  buying and selling with the Baby Grows marketplace.

Selling with Baby Grows

How do I list an item for sale?

Uploading an item to Baby Grows is as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Login into your Baby Grows account.
  2. Tap the Post a New Listing button (top right corner on desktop and in the menu on mobile)
  3. Select the category that best suits the item of clothing you are selling
  4. Provide a Listing title. Be as descriptive as possible to help buyers find your listing.
  5. Set your price (Baby Grows has a minimum listing price of £10. Consider bundle items if a single item doesn’t quite reach the minimum listing price.)
  6. Select Delivery Method and add your delivery cost
  7. Complete the Detailed Description of your item, providing information on the quality of the product, colour, brand etc. Please be as accurate as possible when describing your item to avoid any potential disputes with buyers.
  8. Fill in all other required fields – Brand, Age, Gender, Condition
  9. Upload images of your item through the desktop site or mobile app.
  10. Click post listing and you are all done! Your item is now live on the Baby Grows marketplace for buyers to view.

What can I sell on the Baby Grows marketplace

The Baby Grows marketplace accepts clothing items only. It is a place for parents to shop for fashionable, leading designer clothing brands. Any listing that doesn’t conform to this will be removed by Admin.

Counterfeit Goods
We want to make sure Baby Grows is a platform that is respected for the quality of goods and a place where Parents can grab a designer label for a fraction of the price. Please do not list counterfeit items, replicas or unauthorised copies. These items will be removed immediately by admin.

Second-hand Clothing
Please ensure you state the true quality of the item of clothing you are selling. Please list as a used item and state any defaults the item might have to avoid any disputes. All items must be washed and cleaned.


Selling an Item with Baby Grows

When a buyer purchases your item you will be notified through your Baby Grows inbox as well as by email. It is your responsibility to accept the payment from the buyer to complete the transaction. This added step of security means no money can switch hands until confirmed by the seller, protecting both buyer and seller from potential fraudulent activity.

Once confirmed you will receive the details of the buyer to complete the purchase. The order will then automatically complete within 24hrs releasing funds to your bank account.

You must then post out purchased item to buyer within 48hrs. Once a transaction is complete Buyers are offered the chance to review seller and provide feedback on the sale.

Keeping your Buyer Happy

Keep your Buyer Informed
Once you have confirmed the sale with your buyer, ensure you keep them up to date with your progress. Use the in-built chat to let them know when you have posted an item and by what class so they know when to expect delivery.

Leave Feedback
Baby Grows is a community platform where parents can meet and follow each other. Providing feedback is a 2-way process to help show other users who is trustworthy so please spread the love by providing feedback for your buyer and they in turn will reciprocate the goodwill.

Is there a fee for listing an item with Baby Grows?

Baby Grows charge a flat fee of 10% on the total transaction price. This charge is automatically deducted when the item sale completes and will be shown on the payment invoice received.

There are no hidden costs with Baby Grows. All transaction charges for our payment provider Stripe are included in this transaction fee.

Is there a minimum listing fee?

Yes, the minimum listing fee is £10. If an item you are selling is valued lower than this then consider creating a bundle of items to sell together.

The minimum listing price ensures the quality of product is maintained.

How do I close a listing when item has sold?

  1. Log into your Baby Grows account and click on My Listings
  2. Click on the name of your listing
  3. In the right menu under price you have the option to Close Listing

What if I don’t want to sell the item anymore?

You can close a listing at any time by going to My Account > Manage Listings.

Click on the name of the listing and you have the option to Edit, Close or Delete a Listing.

If you have already confirmed a transaction with the buyer you can no longer delete the listing. The transaction must be complete and item dispatched as described unless seller authorises a refund.

How do I get paid?

To sell and receive payment you must connect your Baby Grows account to a bank account.

When a sale is complete, money is automatically paid to your chosen account within 24 hours of confirmation of sale.

To add a bank account to Baby Grows

  1. Sign into Baby Grows
  2. Hover over your profile image or select menu on mobile and click on Payments
  3. Complete all fields to link your bank account to Baby Grows. You are now ready to start selling and receiving payments through Baby Grows.

Buying with Baby Grows

How do I buy an item on Baby Grows

You need to create an account with Baby Grows in order to buy or sell. Create an account through Facebook or by signing up with your email address.

Once you have an account with us browse through our listings and if you see something you like simply click ‘Buy’.

All items are purchased using our payment platform Stripe using a credit or debit card. Complete the transaction form and hit ‘Confirm Payment’.

This will notify the seller you intend to buy their item. The seller must then confirm the sale to complete the transaction with you. A seller is given 3 days to confirm sale or transaction is cancelled. No money is transferred between parties until seller has confirmed the sale of goods. All payments made through Baby Grows are covered by Buyer Protection from Stripe. Full terms of use can be found here

Disputing a transaction

Buyers can dispute a paid transaction after the transaction request has been approved and before it is marked as “completed”. The dispute feature is a way for buyers to clearly communicate to providers that they are not happy with the way the transaction is handled.


  • Disputing a transaction doesn’t refund the payment. 
  • When a transaction is disputed the status of the transaction changes to canceled.
  • Both users can review each other after a dispute.
  • In the case Stripe was used the funds will be transferred to the seller (unless a refund is made). This will however be 85 days from when the seller accepted the transaction for the funds to be released to the seller.

If a buyer has disputed a transaction, it is up to the seller or the marketplace administrators to take action. In most cases, discussing with both users will help solve the situation. In some cases, a refund might be requested by the buyer. The refund needs to be processed manually.

My purchase was not as decribed

If an item is delivered and not as described you will be asked to return the item to the seller. Please contact the seller in the first instance to try and resolve the issue. Once the seller has received the item the full amount you paid will be transferred back to your account.

If you have an issue with the seller responding to your dispute please contact



Please contact the seller in the first instance to resolve any disputes. If required contact the Baby Grows admin team on to facilitate any disputes.

What happens after I have purchased an item?

When you click buy and complete a purchase the seller is notified. The seller will then confirm the purchase and receive your details to complete delivery.

We encourage our sellers to send items within 48hrs so you should receive your item within 2-8 business days.

Once item is received don’t forget to leave feedback.



What is Baby Grows

Baby Grows is a quality marketplace for parents and grandparents to buy and sell pre-loved children’s designer brands.

We help parents make money on their unwanted children’s clothing as well as providing a social platform where users can follow and chat to other like-minded individuals.

How do I sign up to Baby Grows

Sign Up is easy.

  1. Click on the sign-up link
  2. Connect with Facebook or complete the sign up form
  3. Thats it. Welcome to the Baby Grows community.

Your Account

Under Your Account you have four options.

This is where all your chats with other users are stored.

My Listings
Keep track of your current live and closed listings by clicking on My Listings.

Your live profile shows your current open listings, people you follow and feedback you have received from other users.

Profile Info
Update your Name, Display Name, Location, Phone Number, Profile Picture and Add some information About You for other users.

See a list of all items you have posted

See your username, active email addresses attached to your account, change your password or delete your account.

Choose what information you would like to received from Baby Grows and how often.

Link your bank account to Baby Grows to receive payments and list items for sale.

Follow other Users

Find someone who has similar taste in fashion to you. Perhaps they have kids slightly older than yours and you want to know firsthand when that user lists an item – simple, give them a follow.

To follow another user simply click on their user name on a current listing. From here just click follow to begin following a user and receive email notifications when they list a new item.

Want to unfollow? Revisit their profile and click unfollow.


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